Sleeve Insulated Black Duct Sleeve

Benefits of the Sleeve

  • Wraps duct cores in Owens Corning® R4.2 insulation to maintain temperature and reduce condensation
  • Fire retardant black polyethylene vapour barrier adds extra durability
  • Oversized to fit easily onto connectors and fans
  • Convenient and quick installation will help reduce costs
  • 5’ standard length allows easy custom fitting
  • Maintenance free when installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Materials are flame resistant and comply with NFPA standards 90A & 90B
  • Conforms to UL181 standards
  • Made in North America with strict quality controls
  • Distributed by an extensive continent-wide network of wholesalers

ThermoFlo Technologies guarantees the Sleeve Insulated Black Duct Sleeve to be free from defects from the date of manufacture. The warranty is void if the duct is installed in any way that is inconsistent with installation guidelines provided by ThermoFlo Technologies.