2000V Flexible Air Duct

Sizes Available: 4" 6" 8" 10" 12"

Benefits of the 2000V

  • Manufactured with 2-ply aluminum / PVC casing
  • Very durable black PVC with UV inhibitors for sunlight exposure
  • Metal helix maintains duct shape
  • Fits easily onto connectors and fans
  • Convenient and quick installation will help reduce costs
  • 25’ standard lengths that won’t unravel when cut allows easy custom fitting
  • Maintenance free when installed according to manufacturer’s installation guidelines
  • Economical solution for applications not requiring UL approval
  • Use for fresh air intake/exhaust on construction sites or temporary work areas

ThermoFlo Technologies guarantees the 2000V Flexible Air Duct to be free from defects from the date of manufacture. The warranty is void if the duct is installed in any way that is inconsistent with installation guidelines provided by ThermoFlo Technologies.

Data Sheet for 2000V

Norminal Inside Diameter (in.): 4 6 8 10 12
Length (ft.): 25
Velocity 3000 Feet per Minute
Temperature Minimum: -20° F / -29°C Maximum: 200° F / 93° C